WhatsApp CRM: Using resala.io As a CRM with WhatsApp Integration (Jul 2021)

Trying to use WhatsApp for your business but bumping into seemingly simple problems? This post is for you.

WhatsApp CRM: Using resala.io As a CRM with WhatsApp Integration (Jul 2021)

Trying to use WhatsApp for your business but bumping into seemingly simple problems? This post is for you. We’ll walk you through how to use resala.io as a WhatsApp CRM, show you how to solve common problems like using WhatsApp Business for multiple users, import WhatsApp Contacts to CRM WhatsApp, send them the first message, and even WhatsApp broadcasts. The WhatsApp Business CRM you always wanted is here. :)

WhatsApp CRM: Understanding The Basics

There are two types of WhatsApp Business Accounts - WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API. WhatsApp Business App is designed for small businesses in mind, while WhatsApp Business API was created for SMEs and enterprises.

At first glance, WhatsApp Business App seems perfect because it's free and easy to set up. However, it is quite difficult to use WhatsApp Business App with multiple users and there is no way to connect WhatsApp Business API to any business software or service.

WhatsApp Business App vs WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is just that, an API. This means you’ll be able to connect your WhatsApp Business Account to software like resala.io. To open a WhatsApp Business API for your company, you’ll need to apply for one through a WhatsApp Partner.

Getting a WhatsApp Business API Account

In order to avoid spammers or illicit companies getting API accounts, WhatsApp has made applying for an account a multi-step process. You’ll need to select a WhatsApp Partner, submit your business details, and wait a day or two for approval.

There are several Partners to choose from. Select a Partner based on their ability to provide or port the phone number of your choice and the API features they support. Last but not least, you’ll want to evaluate WhatsApp Partners based on their pricing.

To make things easier, we’ve partnered with a WhatsApp Partner to offer the cheapest WhatsApp Business API account on the market. This offer is only available to resala.io customers. Once you’ve got your account ready it’s time to choose a CRM for WhatsApp.

Choosing a WhatsApp CRM Provider

Since API accounts have no front-end interface, once your account is approved you’ll need to connect a WhatsApp CRM to start messaging. Originally, WhatsApp intended for companies to connect their in-house CRMs - this is not possible for many businesses.

Ideally, you’d connect a WhatsApp-based CRM that works out of the box but there aren’t many options for two main reasons. Most CRMs are still working on adding a messaging UI. And a CRM would need to integrate with each WhatsApp Partner rather than just one WhatsApp API.

What to Look For When Choosing the Best CRM for WhatsApp

That’s why the most important criteria for choosing a WhatsApp CRM software would be if they support the WhatsApp Partner you created your account with. Then you’ll need to choose between WhatsApp API CRMs based on features & pricing.

At a minimum, look for desktop and mobile apps, the ability to import customers as WhatsApp Contacts, and the ability to send Message Templates. To accommodate both Sales and Support teams you’ll need more features, but more on that later.

Looking for the best WhatsApp CRM that’s free? We recommend you give resala.io a try. It offers a free WhatsApp CRM that’s not feature limited, connects to one of the most popular WhatsApp Partners & designed with WhatsApp Integration in mind. Here’s how you get started.

Connecting a WhatsApp Integration to Resala.io

With an API account and a resala.io account ready, it’s time to connect and start messaging customers. The process of connecting will always involve getting a token or webhook from the WhatsApp Partner platform, adding it to resala.io & vice versa.

How to Integrate WhatsApp Business with CRM

Generally, there are a set of tokens and webhooks for each WhatsApp number you connect. To connect please follow the Step by Step guide on how to integrate your WhatsApp API account. Now let’s move on to using your new WhatsApp CRM tool.

WhatsApp CRM: 4 Quick Wins To Get You Started

What can a CRM do? There are a ton of different use cases & workflows possible by using resala.io with WhatsApp Business integration. But we’re going to start with four quick things you can do to get the best out of your CRM with WhatsApp Integration on day one.

1. Using WhatsApp Business With Multiple Users

Using WhatsApp Business with multiple users is one of the most well-known concerns with WhatsApp Business. With resala.io as your WhatsApp Business CRM, you can quickly and easily invite Users to your Space and organize them into Teams.

Inviting New Users to Resala.io

To get started, go to Settings > Users and press Add User. Each user is added with their own permission levels - owner, manager, or agent. Once you’ve added all your Users, head to Settings > Teams to organize your Users into groups.

2. Importing WhatsApp Contacts From A Customer List To CRM WhatsApp

To get started with any WhatsApp CRM integration, it’s best when you can import your entire customer list as Contacts. resala.io supports importing one Contact or multiple Contacts at a time or importing & syncing Contacts on the fly using a Contacts API.

Import WhatsApp Contact to WhatsApp for Business CRM

To import WhatsApp Contacts, go to Contacts > Add Contact and drag the CSV file to the designated field. Then click Import. Now that you’ve imported your WhatsApp Contacts, you can send them a broadcast with Message Templates.

3. Sending a WhatsApp Broadcast Using Message Templates

For a start, 360dialog & Vonage Users can simply sync their templates or create them directly on resala.io. For Twilio & Messagebird Users, you’ll need to submit the Message Template for approval at the Partner Hub, then add the template to resala.io.

Once your templates are synced, approved and readily available on our platform, you can now broadcast to your newly imported Contacts even if it’s your first time chatting with them on resala.io.

Sending WhatsApp Broadcasts Using Message Templates with Message Preview

However, make sure they’ve opted in and are expecting to hear from you before broadcasting. This is to avoid anyone from blocking or reporting your number. If many Contacts mark you as spam, your account will be at risk of getting Flagged by WhatsApp.

To ensure you’re targeting the right audience, each Contact import adds a tag to the Contacts. Use this tag to target those Contacts in a Broadcast. If you’ve left a placeholder for the Contact name, be sure to use dynamic variables to fill in the Contact names in the Template placeholders.

4. Sending WhatsApp Notifications with CRM WhatsApp

If you’re not importing Contacts to message 1 on 1 or en masse, you’ll likely be looking to send WhatsApp Notifications to your Contacts through WhatsApp. Once you’ve imported your customers to resala.io, you’ll be able to send notifications through Messages API.

Sending a WhatsApp Notification with Messages API

However, before you do please be sure to upvote the Messages API 2.0 Feature Request, by doing so you’ll be notified of the update which will enable a ton more possibilities when it comes to notifications. Now let’s discuss using WhatsApp for Sales & Support.

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